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If you are a pro wrestling fan that sees the changes in today's shows as compared to the shows that came out a generation ago, then read this log about my ideas about how wrestling needs to transition from a pseudo sport back to the real sport that is once was.  I know that going straight to the real stuff is too much for the ardent pro wrestling fan but not for the freestyle wrestling club fans.  They do exist in USA Wrestling, UWW and others. 

I want to speculate on a new type of wrestling that changes direction form 100 years ago.  Take a look at how martial arts fighting took center stage almost putting boxing behind it.  There were many organizations that began 20 years ago but the best one survived. The UFC.  Now why did mixed martial arts become an alternative to wrestling  and boxing?  I believe that wrestling began to loose it's attraction when it became well know how it is a work and not real competition.  The fans apatite responded and well as many missteps in the pro wrestling world in having to constantly reinvent themselves and show case ideas that still don't make any sense due to it's irrelevance to actual sport.

The past performers as well as current ones frequent social media and more of the "business" gets exposed to the point where we all know that the shows are tv productions recorded in front of a live audience.  Even the writers took center stage to further bring it down. 

So the concept of a new wrestling organizations is going to be brought out by Hartiwanger by the web log and it's other outlets like You Tube and it the shopping site https://www.hartiwanger.com/search?type=product&q=tag+team+league

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